Why Liberals are not “Retarded.”

Retarded is a diagnosis that means slow or in most cases slow to learn. It is not really synonymous with the word “stupid.”

– Typically, someone who truly has the diagnosis of mental retardation works more than twice as hard to accomplish those tasks that come quite easily to most of us.

– Just learning to walk the proper way may take tearful sessions with a Physical Therapist at only the age of 2.

– Learning to talk might require learning not only verbal speech but sign language as well. In other words, going the extra mile just to communicate in the best way possible.

– Many people with the diagnosis of mental retardation are truly accepting of those who are different.

– Nearly all people with the diagnosis of mental retardation spend every day of their lives working toward as much personal independence and personal responsibility as possible.

:: Most Liberals on the other hand seem to give up or make excuses (or come up with new and exciting diagnoses) as to why they can’t even TRY to accomplish something. Many Liberals are not slow to learn – they refuse to TRY to learn.

:: Most Liberals believe learning to communicate in the best way possible (learning the language of the land) is unfair.

:: Most Liberals do not accept those who do not think as they do.

:: Most Liberals are afraid to be independent and definitely can’t handle being personally responsible for anything.

:: Also – Most Liberals not only think it is okay but it is THE DUTY of women to test their babies prenatally for issues like Down Syndrome and to abort that child so as to save the child from “suffering.” Right now, 9 out of 10 babies diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are aborted.

I could go on and on…but hopefully you all see where I’m coming from. I’m not really offended when people call liberals “retarded” or “tards” but I have to admit that it bothers me when you elevate them to the level of my beautiful son who happens to have Down syndrome – especially when I know how very hard he works for his accomplishments. Really – there is no comparison. So if you think a liberal is stupid – using the word “stupid” would be more meaningful than the word retarded.


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