Can you crochet a baby blanket?

I’ll probably get all of the logistics wrong for this new and wonderful charity – so I’ll give a short sweet explanation and then send you elsewhere for the indepth info.

Okay, I stumbled upon via a blogroll link. The first post on the site this morning was Operation Marine Corps Kids

A dear friend of mine who has long been involved in charity works has volunteered to head up an effort designed to support the quiet heroines of this war and the littlest heroes – the kids that miss their daddy but know that he is helping protect them against some very bad people. Operation Marine Corps Kids will launch soon. We’ll send care packages to the families of deployed troops when babies are born while the dad is deployed. The packages will include a hand crocheted baby afghan, perhaps a tiny cover (bonnet), or combat booties. With sufficient resources, we’ll be able to include a handmade toy for other kids in the family. It’s a small, but significant, gesture of love and support for those who keep the home fires burning alone.

Of course there are more details at, so please follow the link and check out the full details and participate if possible. Even if you can’t crochet, they are looking for donations of other children’s items and you can even help them by voting for as favorite MilBlog allowing them to win up to $3000 which they will put towards this new effort.


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  1. Deb said

    Thanks for the promotion – you’re wonderful!! I look forwared to getting this started – we’ll start with the next wave of deploying Marines who leave in February.

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