Alzheimer’s vaccine ‘in a patch’

I have a personal interest in this story.  You’re probably thinking that I’m concerned about older loved ones in my life (or myself).  Actually, it’s my four year old son with whom I’m concerned.  He has Down syndrome and 25% of adults with Down syndrome will develop Alzheimer’s disease by the age of 40.  65% of those with Down syndrome who live to age 60 will have the disease and all autopsies of people with Down syndrome have shown brain patterns indicative of Alzheimer disease.

This vaccine patch could be very good news for him and other children with Down syndrome.

Alzheimer’s vaccine ‘in a patch’

A patch which delivers a vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease through the skin has been shown to be safe and effective, a study has found.

University of South Florida researchers reported the patch was able to clear brain-damaging plaques from mice.


Alzheimer’s is linked with the build up of a protein called beta amyloid in the brain, where it clumps together to form damaging plaques.

The vaccine – given transdermally – works by triggering the immune system to recognise beta amyloid protein, attack it and break it down.


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  1. Alzheimer’s vaccine ‘in a patch’

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