Mom in Chief? Mom of the House? The political mommy-track

Betsy at Betsy’s page has a great post discussing the political mommy-track.

I guess there must be some people out there whose hearts melt at the thought of mothers running for public office and relate to women talking about what they learned from raising their children. I’m just not one of them. I think this is all code for saying that these women are more likely to want to spend government money for the children. That’s why Democratic mothers seem more notable than Republican mothers to the media.

And what does all this fuss say about men? That they don’t love and care about their children and grandchildren? George H.W. Bush, for example, is a man who clearly deeply loves his children and grandchildren. Was that a political plus for him? Who cared? We weren’t electing him as Dad-in-Chief. Would these same journalists who were so wowed by the sight of Nancy Pelosi’s grandchildren have felt the same way if Barbara Bush had run for office surrounded by her grandchildren? I doubt it.

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  1. madmouser said

    Of course you are right. The media hase never applauded fatherhood. To me, if someone is a really good mother, they would not be qualified for high public office. I reason that statement by saying, they would have been so absorbed being a wonderful mother, faithful wife, good homemaker and the list goes on, that they would not have enough time to gather the political knowledge necessary for the position. This by no means belittles motherhood. I think it is the most honored place in society, or should be.
    Women who want to be politicians should not be mothers because both positions demand your full attention to be successful.

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