Nurse Debra Muhl’s story – Deployed then Fired!

Michelle Malkin has this story:

Debra Muhl, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, is a military nurse who has served in combat zones for 30 years. She works for Sutter Health, a health care provider in the Bay Area, as administrative director of the joint cardiac program

Or rather, she used to work for Sutter Health.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, she was fired last June just two days after letting her supervisor know that she was being sent to Iraq. Now, she has filed a federal lawsuit and it promises to be a very interesting case.

Malkin refers to other similar stories too. Take a look.



  1. Catherine A. Carlsten said

    Debra Muhl bleeds red, white, and blue. Shame on you Sutter Health! Whose side are you on anyway?

  2. I have known Debra for a long time. We served together in the Air Force Reserves. At one time I was her enlisted supervisor. After she became an officer, she administered my oath of enlistment to me. I hold her in the highest regard and respect as a person, mother, nurse and friend. She is also a big Will Clark fan and I gave her an autographed baseball many years ago.

  3. Anonymous said

    I have known Debra Muhl for about twenty years, she is an outstanding nurse. I am a physician who served in the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the Iraq War. Debra was a 1st Lt with the US Air Force while I ws in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. I last saw her when we both were attending a combat medical evacuation conference sponsored by the US Marine 3rd Marine Air Wing. I deplore this despicable action on the part of Sutter Health. The facts betray the intentions of Sutter Health in this matter. The Sutter Health Communications Director and Dr. Richard Gray have perpetrated a serious blow which only furthers the already tarnished reputations of hospital administrators. What is, in fact, being communicated is the unbridled arrogance and sense of entitlement of Sutter Health administration. They would be well-served to join the Military Reserves as did Debra Muhl and I and serve their country and get a sense of what life is like outside there privileged positions, which they are so readily betraying.

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