The Chinese Year of the Pig…Perhaps the year of the Chicken is more appropriate?

Jan. 24: Chinese artist Chen Jingzhong puts finishing touches on a sculpture of a mother pig and piglets at his workshop in Xiamen, southeast China.Debbie Schlussel is reporting on her blog that China has gone dhimmi and is banning pigs in advertising.

Though I have no respect for Communist China–its slave labor, lack of human rights, one-child-per-family policy, etc., etc., etc.–I thought, at least, the country got tough on Islamic extremism. The Chinese government has raided and destroyed camps populated by Chinese Muslim Uighur (pronounced “Wee-gur”) extremists. As I’ve written, last year, several Uighurs were Al-Qaeda terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay, and China protested their release (to Albania). But, as I also wrote, China gave millions to HAMAS, last year.

And there’s another stark indication that China’s not so tough. The country is as PC when it comes to the “Religion of Peace” as we are. The proof is in the new prohibition of pigs in advertising and on TV in light of next months Year of the Pig–all as a sop to a tiny group of Chinese Muslims. Interesting how the country bows to Islam, but is quite tough on the practice of Christianity.

Is China is becoming more “tolerant” or are they cowards?

Allahpundit weighs in at



  1. Denise said

    Hey there! Great blog for a right-wing nut job! Just kidding. 😉

  2. candyslice said

    Takes one to know one 😉 (Right-wing nut job, that is.)

  3. Bruce Brenneise said

    If the Uighurs had in fact been Al Qaeda terrorists, I highly doubt the US government would have released them at all, even to Albania (the US and other major powers were too scared of pissing off China, which is why they ended up in Albania, but real terrorists would have been either kept or remanded to the harsh tortures that face suspected separatists in the PRC).

    My own opinion is that China is just using the excuse of the ‘global war on terror’ in order to crack down on muslim minorities who (like the Tibetans) aren’t too pleased being kept under the wing of the Han-dominated state. China is hardly having the same difficulties with Islamic radicals as the West, or I should say, no more trouble than they’re having with illegal Christian missionaries and secret Falun Gong practitioners.

    We shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming equivalence between what’s going on in China, and what’s going on in various other parts of the world, namely our own concerns. That’s exactly what the PRC is hoping for.

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