Lawyer’s nightmare – two dipsticks

On the slightest chance you didn’t see these two goobers yesterday on Fox (over and over and over) – here they are again in all their elegance and eloquence.

Oh, by the way, they’re called “pranksters” now. Is that what we’re calling marketers or artists these days?

As usual, more at Hot Air with some commenters placing blame with the Boston police.



  1. Royal B. said

    Well they were told not to talk about the case by the lawyer. What did you expect to talk about?

  2. Gee, I don’t know, maybe a simple “No comment” would have sufficed? Now they look like two goofballs with no remorse about a city in gridlock. People will also wonder if they enjoyed seeing their devices cause such a stir, and there is even speculation that someone who knew about the devices’ origins participated in calling the authorities. Their behavior does not bode well for them.

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